Global Expert Speaks From Experience

Art doesn’t just “talk the talk.” With his background in design, installation and service of building HVAC systems and a scientist’s knowledge of fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses he “walks the walk”.

When you combine 40+ years of expertise traveling to, working in and consulting to numerous countries on the subject of infectious pathogens, pathogenic bio-aerosols and how to control them only one person comes to mind! Only one person combines an all-inclusive knowledge and hands-on understanding of how your facility is not just a compilation of sub sets of department but acts as a living, breathing “system.”

A call to Art Martin, Engineer, Scientist, Author, Lecturer, Businessman, Consultant and Developer should be on your priority list for your next conference. Art has been inspiring global audiences with his in depth understanding of how this underestimated issue affects human health and wellness.

Art’s “hands-on” expertise spans a wide range of venues beyond the health care industry.

He has helped poultry farmers raise “anti-biotic free” turkeys that were bigger and healthier than the competition.

He has helped the textile industry learn how to ship contamination free manufactured goods around the world.

He has shown the casino industry how to have an “odor-free” smoking venue.

He has shown rice farmers in Nigeria how to eliminate insect infection, coconut growers in the Philippines how to eliminate a crop killing disease, Kiwi Fruit growers in New Zealand how to organically eliminate a deadly pathogen attacking the crop and Kenyan pineapple growers how to organically raise better, insect and disease free crops.

He has shown a Saudi Arabian Royal Family member how to reduce disease producing fungi from killing some of the world’s finest thoroughbred horses.

Show & Tell Speaking

Art knows that if he just speaks to your people they may retain 10% of what he says. If they see it and hear it, retention jumps to 60%. If they see it, hear it and take home a handout then retention jumps to 85%. Art is a master at combining both dynamic visual images and props into his presentations to leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

Art’s expertise in controlling fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses has been utilized for success across a wide range of market segments. His incomparable expertise and competence coupled with his time as a global navigator has given him an insight highly prized yet rare among his peers.