Controlling any pathogen, whether a routine occurrence or one reaching Pandemic Proportions such as the COVID-19 (SARS CoV2) problem requires a wide range of knowledge and an approach from different viewpoints. The initial investigation requires Identification and Quantification of the actual problem. This is done through comprehensive testing and lab analysis. Global Infection control Consultants LLC has an unequaled staff of scientists in numerous disciplines ready at assist in the task. You are assured of thorough and accurate reports detailing the problematic issues.


Simply identifying and quantifying your pathogen control issues is the basic foundation of long-term protection. Without a comprehensive specifically tailored plan of action problems will persist. People will remain ill and more will get ill. Absenteeism will rise and productivity will plummet. There are no "universal" plans and protocols. There are numerous proven ideas but it's important to understand that your issues are unique to your facility. Even two identical facilities will have different issues because the occupants, the people, are different. We are specialists who will apply real world expertise successfully cultivated from a diverse range of global projects.

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Pre-Emptive Pandemic Planning

Thorough and accurate reports detailing any problematic issues.


Post Pandemic Protective Protocols

Real world expertise cultivated from a diverse range of global projects.


Biosecurity Planning for New Construction

Creating the healthiest, safest and environmentally sustainable spaces.


Pathogen Safety Planning Seminars

Stay on the cutting edge of technology.

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