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Global Infection Control Consultants LLC is the premier company completely understanding the dynamics of the pathogenic bioaerosol connection to the human infection matrix.


We provide consultation services and talks on bioaerosol pathogen and methodology in infection control.


We provide seminars and talks by global experts speak from experience.


We provide solutions via our M3 System and Path-Away®

Dr. Martin, Environmental and Mechanical Engineer, President and Principal Research Scientist

He has personally conducted more than 4,000 assessments in his career for chemical biological, bacterial and viral contamination. He pioneered the concept of “Prophylactic Air Management for Pathogen Control”, and he has an extensive list of publications and peer reviewed awards and he has lectured worldwide on the subjects of Pathogen Control and Indoor Air Quality in buildings of all sizes, uses and physical construction.

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Our pathogen control command and competence of the Health Care Industry extends to the fields of Agriculture, Medical Cannabis, Domestic Animals, Equine, General Buildings, Poultry and Livestock, Textiles and Transportation.

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