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About Us
Led by Arthur V. Martin, a globally respected scientist, engineer, lecturer and author, Global Infection Control Consultants LLC is the premier company completely understanding the dynamics of the pathogenic bioaerosol connection to the human infection matrix. We also have unprecedented expertise related to pathogenic contamination as related to other disciplines. GICC LLC has pioneered the methodology to assess and understand your facility or process as a “system” rather than as an isolated pathogen reservoir. We have engaged a wide variety of medically trained personnel with diverse “real world” expertise as well as pre-eminent, globally recognized individuals from the Building industry and other industries. Our pathogen control command and competence of the Health Care Industry extends to the fields of Agriculture, Medical Cannabis, Domestic Animals, Equine, General Buildings, Poultry and Livestock, Textiles and Transportation. Our successful resolution of seemingly insurmountable contamination issues spans the globe from our home base in the United States of America to far flung locations such as China, the Philippines, New Zealand, Malaysia, Panama, Nigeria, Kenya, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

We bring to you:
•   In excess of 150 years combined expertise   •
•   Global recognition of our expertise and successful results   •
•   Biological, bacterial, viral and chemical expertise   •
•   Real world global experience in over 20 countries   •
•   Liaison with the finest laboratory services for analysis   •


As an Environmental and Mechanical Engineer Mr. Martin, President and Principal Research Scientist, has personally conducted more than 4,000 assessments in his career for chemical biological, bacterial and viral contamination. He pioneered the concept of “Prophylactic Air Management for Pathogen Control”. He has an extensive list of publications and peer reviewed awards and lectures worldwide on the subjects of Pathogen Control and Indoor Air Quality.

President's Message

Arthur V. Martin, Ph.D. President

Kevin holds a BS from Appalachian State University as well as a MS and EdS from Florida State University. He has personally conducted in excess of 2,500 building bio-aerosol assessments including numerous medical facilities and is a specialist in identifying water intrusion issues. Kevin’s duties also include review of distributor applications, contract review and structuring of pricing to meet regional and global requirements. He is the lead investigator on issues related to chemical contamination.

Kevin M. Martin CEO


Camarines Norte State College
Daet, Philippines

ARLENE C. ALEGRE holds a BS degree in Agriculture with a Major in Plant Pathology and specialization in Phytobacteriology from the University of the Philippines at Los Baños, Laguna. She took her Master’s degree in Plant Protection major in Plant Pathology as well as her Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Science Major in Horticulture from the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture.

Arlene C. Alegre, PhD Plant Pathology

Saudi Ajwaa Environmental Technologies EST
KSA • Saudi Arabia

Dr. Jamal is a multi-faceted environmental expert and consultant having extensive experiences in indoor air quality protection and assessment with a focus on environmental compliance in hospitals. His expertise includes developing and implementing environmental management systems. He leads one of most reputable and sought after firms in the Middle East engaged in the environmental business for indoor air pollution as well as ensuring high quality water for reuse. His expertise extends to poultry and agricultural issues where Saudi Ajwaa provides organic oriented solutions whenever possible.

Jamal Ahmad Jamal Aldin, PhD Executive Director

EMLab P&K • A TestAmerica Company
San Francisco, CA

Dr. Michael Berg joined EMLab P&K in 2005 and worked as Department Manager and Technical Director before taking the position of Regional Director. He holds a Ph.D. in Biology from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. Dr. Berg researched plant pathology and plant genetics as postdoctoral fellow at Oklahoma State University. He also worked in fungicide research for BASF in Germany. Dr. Berg has published his work in peer reviewed journals and presented at national and international meetings.

Michael Berg, PhD Regional Director


Tom Marcello, MS, MBA, Ed.D, Ph.D
Tom Marcello: “This is in behalf of Arthur V. Martin who I have known professionally and personally for over twelve years. During this time Arthur has demonstrated an exceptional ability to communicate to his peers and the general population, significant in depth ideas and concepts not only in his field of expertise, infection control and indoor air quality, but in many areas. His interpersonal skills are excellent and his integrity is beyond questioning. He is without question in the top one percent (1%) of people in his field. You only need to have the opportunity to listen to him speak on the topic of infection control to know that you are in the presence of an “expert”. If you have the opportunity to be associated with him you are among the fortunate.”

Professor Dov Borovsky   –   Professor Emeritus
University of Florida
Dov Borovsky: “Arthur V. Martin and I met years ago in Malaysia and I was impressed with his honesty, his extensive engineering knowledge of how to control fungi and other microbes that often invade air conditioning ducts in housing units, hotels schools, hospitals and universities causing economical lose and allergy attacks that if are not controlled will cause death to patients in hospitals and even in hotel rooms. Art is a hard working honest person that is pleasant to deal with and it is a pleasure and a privilege to know. I will be very happy to talk to anyone that wants to further discuss his integrity, abilities and professionalism.”

D. Gallup
Dave Gallup: “Art always stood out as an individual who maintains the highest degree of professionalism, attention to detail, and always thinks-ahead. His pro-activeness and ability to remain on the cutting-edge of business knowledge and new ideas certainly adds another layer to his ability in keeping his business on the latest trends. On the personal side, I always valued his honesty and integrity which made both our working relationship and friendship grow during these years.”

Walter Lumpp, President
National Institute of Restoration, Inc.
Walter Lumpp: “Our association and members of our association have worked with Arthur V. Martin and GICC LLC for many years and the relationship has been very good. They have been most accommodating to service not only our larger projects but have done the smaller projects with the same enthusiasm. Their work has always been excellent and it is a real pleasure to work with professionals like Mr. Martin and his staff.”

John E. Rosenberg
Efficient Energy Advisors
John Rosenberg: “This letter is written as a reference for Arthur V. Martin of Bluffton, SC. I have known him professionally for more than nine years, both in my capacity as the President of a large, high-tech HVAC company, and as the Managing Member of Efficient Energy Advisors, LLC. Mr. Martin has worked with these two companies at least several dozen times over that period as a consultant for our clients in the areas of indoor air quality and mold/mildew/infection control. In every instance he was professional, timely, and an excellent person with which to work. He is smart and knowledgeable in his field, and we have referred him on to other companies similar to ours, who have also found him to be excellent. I feel certain that Mr. Martin’s work will be of excellent quality, and that he is a man of excellent character and attention to detail.”